Vygon (UK) Ltds new IV port protector is designed to improve hospital infection control and help reduce CRBSI


Intravenous products: Vygon Has Launched Curos Port Protectors into the UK. Vygon (UK) Ltds new IV port protector is designed to improve hospital infection control and help reduce CRBSI. Curos Port Protector offer a simple solution to a widespread problem. Each year thousands of patients contract potentially life-threatening catheter-related bloodstream infections, and current protocols for ensuring correct cleaning of IV and needle-free devices are hard to enforce and measure. These avoidable infections not only cost millions, they also have an impact on the patients therapy and hospital experience.

To help tackle this problem Vygon has introduced Curos Port Protector, a simple, innovative device that provides healthcare professionals with an effective method of reducing CRBSI. Each Curos Port Protector contains a medical grade foam pad impregnated with 70% isopropyl alcohol. As the Curos Port Protector is screwed into place, the disinfecting foam pad scrubs the IV access port. Independent laboratory tests show that Curos disinfects the devices surface by killing bacteria in three minutes and prevents recolonisation for up to seven days. With its bright, vibrant design Curos is also easy to spot, which makes hospital infection control compliance easier.

Vygons International Business Development Manager John Kerridge said Curos Port Protectors deliver an important step forward in helping Trusts provide consistent infection prevention on all IV access devices by ensuring these devices are consistently cleaned and protected. Hospitals have reported zero rates of CRBSI since implementing Curos and we are seeing customers rolling out Curos Trust-wide due to the short training period required and the high infection control compliance.

About Vygon: Vygon (UK) Ltd are a leading supplier of medical and surgical devices with a reputation for delivering high quality products and excellence in customer service, helping healthcare professionals offer best practice solutions to their patients.

Our Products: Our product ranges extend across many therapeutic specialties, including vascular access, regional anaesthesia, IV management, neonatology and enteral feeding.

Our Services: In addition to a wide product offering, we are also fully committed to education and training, providing complementary training and technical support to customers to promote best practice in-line with current clinical guidelines.

Our Customers: We supply our products and services to healthcare professionals in the NHS and private sector throughout the UK – from PCTs and NHS Trusts to District and Community Hospitals, as well as GP Practices and Walk-In Centres.

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