Terumo UK launch the next generation of infusion pumps at ICS on Monday 10th December 2012


Intravenous products: Delegates from Europe, the Far East and U.S.A. had their first opportunity to view demonstrations of the SMART software included in the family of Volumetric and Syringe pumps developed at their head quarters in Japan at ESA, Paris. Terumo (awarded Forbes 2011 The Worlds Most Innovative Companies) was established in 1921 in Tokyo and has been producing Infusion Pumps for over 38 years. Since its formation Terumo has maintained the value that in the world of medical devices and supplies, the cornerstones of excellence are dependability, predictability, and consistency. To ensure that every item we manufacture meets these criteria, Terumo Medical Corporation has applied strict standards of quality control for more than 80 years and continues to do so with their new generation of TERUFUSION pumps and accessories.

TERUFUSION pumps have incorporated many of the NPSA hardware and software recommendations in ‘A guide to the design of electronic infusion
devices 2010’ and the product design and software programs have been produced to help hospitals reduce the risk of harmful and costly intravenous (IV) medication errors that can occur through drug errors and complicated programming by incorporating some unique features whilst keeping the user operation simple and consistent across the family.

For more information on the TERUFUSION pumps please contact: wendy.williams@terumo-europe.com

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