Safer IV medication development


Intravenous products: report “MedPro Safety Products, a leading developer of transformational technologies that enable safer medication delivery and blood collection, has entered into a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with Belgium-based Helvoet Pharma for the technical development and commercialization of MedPro’s pre-filled safety syringe (PFSS).

MedPro’s PFSS passive safety device is a proprietary pre-filled medicament delivery system that provides automatic safety feature deployment, reducing and potentially eliminating the risk of a needlestick injury. The device can deliver a wide variety of biotech and pharmaceutical products to the patient’s bloodstream and is comprised of two unique parts: (a) a standard glass cartridge that will act as both a pre-filled medicament reservoir and syringe plunger, and (b) a plastic safety syringe that incorporates a fully passive (or automatic) safety deployment system. The glass cartridge will be developed jointly with Helvoet, and inserted into the syringe at the point of use. The PFSS is designed to be compatible with existing filling technology for ease of adoption and operational efficiencies and the glass cartridge is consistent with current industry practice. The intuitive design should also appeal to healthcare workers and providers, as it is estimated that U.S. hospitals alone incur hundreds of millions of dollars of unreimbursed post-exposure testing and treatment expense from accidental needlestick injuries, not to mention the personal and emotional ramifications to the employee and their family.”

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