Launch of one of the UK’s first neonatal MST introducer kits


Vygon Ltd report “A unique, new Modified Seldinger Technique introducer kit specifically designed for use on premature babies has just been launched in the UK. The first of its kind on the market, Microsite from Vygon (UK) Ltd, gives access to neonatal veins with the added benefits of increased puncture accuracy and greater placement success, while reducing the risk of multiple punctures and associated infection.

The Micropuncture kit for neonatal long lines enables insertion of either 1Fr or 2Fr catheters and includes a peelable cannula that’s removed from the catheter after use, reducing the risk of blood infections.
The kit also includes a 24G needle with bevelled tip, designed to minimise trauma to tiny veins and to make insertion easier. There’s a guide-wire made of nitinol – that reduces the risk of kinking – and a flexible 0.3mm ball head tip, again made specially to prevent trauma to the vein endothelium. The dilator and peelable cannula provide funnel access for easy insertion of catheters up to 2Fr and a tapered tip for smooth insertion.

Lindsay Lloyd, Product Manager at Vygon (UK) Ltd, said: “We have been researching and developing Microsite for three years now and we’ve worked very closely with neonatal clinicians in three separate hospitals. The evaluations have proved that Microsite works really well and the feedback we have received has been excellent.”

A Neonatal Consultant at a South East Hospital who was involved in evaluating Microsite said: “We have been waiting for a product like this to assist with the difficult venous access for a long time.” And a Neonatal nurse from the North West said: “With this product we can use the cannula we like to access the vein whilst not leaving it attached to the long line.”

During the development of Microsite Vygon paid particular attention to ensuring easy insertion of the sheath dilator, and refining the tips of the guide-wire which means that it is atruamatic to the vein endothelium.
An added benefit is that Microsite can also be used with a neonatal unit’s preferred cannula – providing practical flexibility and cost efficiencies. Lindsay said: “This is a very exciting product development within the neonatal market, there is nothing currently available like it that has been specifically designed for premature babies in the UK.”

To find out more about Microsite please contact Vygon on 01793 748830, or email

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