IV safety UK deal


Intravenous products: ProactiveInvestor.com.au report “Australian-based medical products manufacturer and distributor BMDI TUTA (ASX: BMI) has inked an agreement to enter the key United Kingdom market in a distribution and manufacturing deal with Unisurge International Ltd.

BMDI Tuta manufactures, distributes and sells a range of medical devices used by healthcare facilities and critical care services in global markets. The company offers a range of safety-engineered medical devices designed to reduce the incidence of needle stick injuries, exposure to blood-borne pathogens, and provide a higher level of healthcare worker and patient safety.

Less well known, the company is a leader in Intravenous (IV) Medication Delivery Systems, Surgical Irrigation, Suction and Oxygen Therapy, Safety Sharps Collection and Reuse Prevention and specialised Diagnostic and Laboratory Equipment. As well, BMDI Tutal is an “authentic safety medical company” and can boast a 60-year old brand, diversified portfolio and established customer base.

Unisurge has been established in the UK since 1988. From its Cambridge headquarters, Unisurge manufacturers and supplies practitioner-specified procedure packs, dressing packs, medical disposables and theatre products to the £164 billion annual UK health care market.

Over a period of five years, BMDI Tuta will supply its products for inclusion in Unisurge procedure packs; supply its products for direct distribution and sale to Unisurge’s UK public and private hospital distribution base. Other parts of the agreement provide for BMDI Tuta to source products and contract manufacture other products and components for Unisurge. As well as, Unisurge providing warehouse and logistics services for BMDI Tuta in the UK.”

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