FDA update Carefusion pump recall notice due to inaccurate content


Carefusion have informed IVTEAM that the recent FDA post which was related to the Carefusion pumps was inaccurate.”

Carefusion state The FDA posting on 8th February was an error and we have contacted them so that they can fix this error. There is no recall for the syringe module. We did conduct a recall for the Alaris System LVP module last December which is the intended subject of the FDAs posting.

This recall was part of the recall remediation program whereby BD committed to review legacy issues and initiate a recall based on a new recall decision making process. This does not affect in anyway the Alaris Asena pumps.

The Alaris Asena range includes GP and VP LVPs and CC and GH Syringe pumps.

Any Alaris users who have questions should contact their local CareFusion Sales Representative of Customer Services Office.”

Updated FDA Posting Carefusion Safety Notification

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