Antimicrobial needlefree connector


Intravenous products: ICU Medical describe the new antimicrobial needlefree device. On the ICU Medical website they state “The new Antimicrobial CLAVE is the only antimicrobial connector with dedicated internal fluid path technology. The same features that make the CLAVE the least likely to transmit bacteria over any other brand, now has the added feature of an antimicrobial additive.

CLAVE is the only connector which has been proven to reduce intraluminal catheter colonization in a randomized clinical trial. The reversed, split-septum technology and dedicated internal fluid path are the heart of what makes the CLAVE least likely to transmit bacteria than any other brand.

ICU Medical developed the Antimicrobial CLAVE to enhance the dedicated internal fluid path and further reduce the risk of bacterial ingress into the catheter. Ionic silver has been infused into all fluid path contact components which includes the internal cannula and split septum seal.”

Click here to view more information on the ICU Medical website.


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