T34 ambulatory syringe pumps need a sponge pad fitted to the battery compartment


Manufactured by Caesarea Medical Electronics (CME) Ltd, a BD company – instructions provided to reduce the risk of delay to therapy and loss of infusion if the battery loses connection” MHRA (2019).


MHRA (2019) report “The battery that was originally validated for use in the T34 pump was the Duracell (MN1604) 6LR61 9v battery. There is a +/- 2mm tolerance in size, which is allowed within IEC Standards. However, this could result in the battery moving within its housing, leading to a possible loss of connection. In some circumstances, this may result in the pump shutting down. CME are now rolling out a corrective action to fit sponge pads within the battery compartment of the syringe pumps, in order to improve battery connectivity.”

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