Syringe pen


Fife Constabulary has condemned the sale of fake syringe pens after one was mistaken for a real syringe on a school bus (writes Aileen Robertson). What appeared to be a blood-filled hypodermic syringe was found on a bus taking pupils home from Denend Primary in Cardenden at the end of day.

After it was established the syringe was no more than a novelty pen, police expressed concern that children could struggle to tell the difference between the toy and the real thing.

Detective Constable Kenneth Cameron said At a time when children and young people are being encouraged to report the finding of needles to police and environmental services to ensure they do not fall victim to a needle-stick injury, it seems incredible such a novelty pen should be freely available to buy.

“My concern is that a child picks up a real syringe and suffers injury owing to the confusion brought about through the availability of this toy.

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