Public consultation on a vision for an enhanced BNF from NICE


NICE report “This consultation document sets out proposals to enhance the information and support currently offered by the British National Formulary (BNF) Publications. It sets out plans for a service that integrates the best available evidence and gives easy access to healthcare professionals working with medicines to meet the needs of their patients. The aim of the consultation is to ensure that NICE’s vision for an enhanced BNF reflects the requirements and needs of users.

NICE currently provides the BNF, BNF for children (BNFC) and Nurse Prescribers’ Formulary (NPF) to the NHS. New print editions of BNF and BNFC are distributed free of charge to eligible NHS staff annually, and new editions of the NPF are distributed biennially to community practitioner nurse prescribers. The online formats are available free of charge to anyone in the United Kingdom, and mobile apps are available free of charge to NHS employees. Online content and mobile apps are updated each month.

The BNF, BNFC and NPF are key resources for all healthcare professionals who work with medicines. The BNF is found in almost every GP surgery, community pharmacy and hospital clinic to help ensure that patients receive the medicines that are right for them.
The huge increase in the use of technology such as clinical decision support as well as online and mobile digital devices, offers an unparalleled opportunity to build on the BNF’s valued position in prescribing and enhance its potential.

We want to hear views on these proposals from healthcare and social care practitioners, anyone who is involved in prescribing or handling medicines in their work, as well as patients, carers, service users and members of the public. Feedback from the consultation will be used to inform future developments to the BNF and BNFC.

To complement the consultation, NICE will also run three interactive workshops to gather more in-depth feedback on the enhanced BNF vision. The results of the consultation and workshops will inform developments for the future service.”

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