Peripheral IV MRSA death


Intravenous news: report “A prominent Cork mathematician died after he was discharged from hospital with an undetected intravenous tube inserted in his wrist, an inquest heard yesterday. Dr George Vincent Kelly (83) Beech Lawn, Little Island in Cork was admitted to Cork University Hospital suffering pain in his ribs and back on September 23rd, 2009.

A former doctor of mathematics and physics at University College Cork, Dr Kelly had attributed his pain to an uncomfortable bed at a hotel he had stayed at in Berlin, 10 days previously. He was discharged from hospital that afternoon but subsequently developed swelling and decreased range of movement in his right wrist. One week passed before the cannula, a device used to administer fluids into the body, was discovered in his wrist, by his daughter, who removed it on October 31st. The following day, Dr Kelly returned to the hospital.

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