Patient Safety Pledge published that hopes to create a movement of industry collaboration and co-opetition


Intravenous news: Medgadget report “The American producer Samuel Goldwyn once quipped, “The hospital is no place to be sick.” In the decades since, his words are still relevant as a tragic irony: more than 200,000 people die each year in hospitals from preventable causes such as hospital-acquired infections, gross misdiagnoses, and medication errors. There is no lack of terrifying statistics to describe that figure; it is equivalent to one jumbo jet crashing each day year-round, and results in more deaths than highway accidents, breast cancer, and AIDS – combined. But perhaps the most eye-opening way to convey the patient safety issue is through the spate of media reports about patients who arrived at a hospital with a seemingly benign or treatable condition that, through a series of systemic failures, led to their deaths. One of the causal issues with the modern-day hospital is that many of the devices are not integrated. Since they are made by different manufacturers who have little incentive to collaborate, these devices operate as if they are individual players in an incoherent orchestra. Though there may be an expert-yet fallible-conductor (the clinician), if the players don’t listen to each other and work together there’ll still be too many inexcusable errors.

In order to address this, the CEO of one of the leading medical device manufacturers, Masimo, has written a Patient Safety Pledge that hopes to “create a movement of industry collaboration and ‘co-opetition’ that will remove the device and information barriers that are plaguing patient safety.” The call to action, which will be given by former President Bill Clinton, will officially take place next week at the inaugural Patient Safety Science and Technology Summit in California.”

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