NHS England backs innovation in PICC securement


A new type of ‘bowel scope’ and a device that cuts infections caused by catheters complete the four innovations that will be fast-tracked into use through NHS England’s Innovation and Technology Payment programme” NHS England (2018).

NHS England report “Professor Tony Young, National Clinical Lead for Innovation at NHS England, said: “For new innovations to flourish and spread at scale access to funding is critical, by buying these four innovations centrally NHS England has removed the barriers to the spread of these innovations so patients can benefit faster.

“This is just one way in which the NHS is supporting innovation as we celebrate the NHS’ 70th birthday, later this year we will be announcing the next round of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals joining the growing numbers of entrepreneurs developing new and innovative treatments for patients from within the NHS.”

Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, said: “From the very beginning the NHS has been at the forefront of driving innovation, as we celebrate the NHS’s 70th birthday the NHS continues to champion innovation.

“These technologies will improve patient safety and potentially reduce the need for invasive and expensive tests.”

The four innovations are:

Plus Sutures
Endocuff Vision

Full Press Release


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