National IV nurse day


On January 25, infusion nurses and other healthcare professionals will observe National IV Nurse Day. In 1980, the US House of Representatives designated this day each year to honor and recognize the accomplishments of the nation’s infusion nurse specialists, as well as the Infusion Nurses Society (INS).

This year’s theme, “IV Nurses—With You Every Step of the Way,” says it all. IV Nurse Day allows you and your colleagues the opportunity to highlight the advancement of the specialty and simultaneously recognize more than three decades of continuing education, advocacy, and professional development offered by the infusion nursing community. This year, let your colleagues in other specialties know the many ways you contribute to overall patient care in your practice setting. Infusion nurse professionals across the country have reason to celebrate as more and more infusion nurses are recognized as vital part the healthcare continuum.

January is fast approaching, so preparation for IV Nurse Day 2009 should start today. Show your appreciation and infusion pride by purchasing promotional products specifically designed for the day. This year, an array of items can be found online at We encourage you to share this e-mail with colleagues and administrators so they too can share in this day of appreciation and recognition for our valued infusion team members.

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