IV glucose investigation


Intravenous news: A premature baby whose death is the subject of a police inquiry spent most of her short life at a Norfolk hospital. Poppy Davies, whose parents are from Grays, Essex, was born in Basildon hospital at 24 weeks and transferred to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital a day later, on Christmas Eve, because of its specialist facilities for looking after premature babies. 

On January 8 she was moved to Great Ormond Street children’s hospital in London for a heart operation. She had been expected to return to the N&N afterwards, but the day after arriving at the London hospital she was found to have high levels of glucose in her blood.

She suffered brain damage, and her life-support machine was turned off on Sunday. 

Police are investigating her treatment at Great Ormond Street hospital. There has not been any suggestion that the N&N was at fault.

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