Home infusion and compounding guidelines published


Two policies have been added to the Ivpolicy.com website. The first is the ASHP (2014) guidelines on home infusion pharmacy services preparations “The purposes of these guidelines are to define the role of the pharmacist in providing home infusion care to patients and to outline minimum requirements (indicated by use of the word “shall”) and best practices for the operation and management of services provided by pharmacies in the home or alternate-site setting. In broad terms, home infusion includes the provision of specialized, complex pharmaceutical products; development and execution of plans to manage the medication therapy of patients; and clinical assessment and monitoring of patients in their homes.” The second policy is the ASHP (2014) guidelines on compounding sterile preparations “These guidelines are intended to help compounding personnel prepare CSPs of high quality and reduce the potential for harm to patients and consequences for compound- ing personnel. The recommendations in these guidelines are based on published data, when available; on expert opinion and procedures used in similar industries; and on applicable regulations and standards.”


ASHP (2014) Guidelines on home infusion pharmacy services preparations.
ASHP (2014) Guidelines on compounding sterile preparations.

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