Happy New Year: The top 12 infusion therapy developments for 2012


Intravenous news: As 2011 comes to a close we would like to provide a few thoughts on what we think are the themes within infusion therapy/vascular access that will continue to make a mark in 2012. Click the links below to view the story.

  • WoCoVa 2012 will bring together Vascular Access specialists from around the globe.
  • We will witness further online innovations that we can all access, such as the APIC 2012 Film Festival.
  • New ways of learning Vascular Access such as the first distant learning advanced vascular access module the University of West of Scotland with be made available.
  • Home IV care will continue to grow.
  • The number of Zero CLABSI organisations will increase.
  • Organisations will accept that CLABSI rates outside of intensive care can be reduced.
  • Needlestick legislation and practice will continue to become further integrated into everyday healthcare practice.
  • The use of hypodermoclysis as a first line rehydration treatment will increase in certain patient groups.
  • Long established infusion/vascular access practice statements will be reviewed.
  • Technologies will be introduced that prevents biofilm formation.
  • The use of midline catheters in practice will continue to grow.
  • The financial savings associated with vascular access specialist activity will be demonstrated to a greater degree.

Best wishes for 2012.

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