Father has total of 50,000 hours of parenteral nutrition prior to small bowel transplant


The Daily Mail report “After 50,000 hours hooked to an intravenous drip that fed him, Tim Boyle is going to eat out for dinner. The father-of-two, Australia’s first recipient of a small bowel and kidney transplant, is most looking forward to celebrating his daughter’s birthday like a normal dad – by going to a restaurant. Until last month, Boyle, 47, had only 25 centimetres of small intestine.

A severely twisted bowel 12 years ago meant doctors removed 90 per cent of his small intestine and consigned him to an IV drip 12 hours a day, every day. Kidney failure 18 months ago – and the resultant appointments for dialysis – only increased his hospital visits. But five weeks after his transplant at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne, Boyle walked out free on Wednesday.”

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