Example of a peripheral IV catheter bundle


IV bundles have become established as an essential component of safer IV care. However, examples of peripheral IV bundles are difficult to locate”.

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust have produced an IV bundle for the insertion and continuing care of peripheral IV catheters.

Resar et al (2012:2) define bundles as a “small set of evidence-based interventions for a defined patient segment/population and care setting that, when implemented together, will result in significantly better outcomes than when implemented individually”. Complimentary advice is offered by Sopirala et al (2013), who describe additional bundle components that include the empowerment of nurses to intervene following an observed breach in protocol, improved local ownership of the results and involvement of hospital administration with regard to providing feedback on results.

Click the links below to view a peripheral IV catheter bundle and peripheral IV catheter patient information leaflet.

Peripheral IV Bundle Peripheral IV Information


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Sopirala, M.M., Smyer, J., Fawley, L., Mangino, J.E., Lustberg, M.M., Lu, J., Chucta, S. and Crouser, E.D. (2013) Sustained reduction of central line–associated bloodstream infections in an intensive care unit using a top-down and bottom-up approach. AJIC: American Journal of Infection Control. 41(2), p.183-184.

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