Contaminated heparin syringes


Intravenous news: report on a personal account of the tragic impact of contaminated heparin syringes on one family “Natalie Fullerton’s parents were thrilled to watch their year-old daughter bounce back from a double-lung transplant. Within months, she was mimicking her sister’s ballet poses and gleefully repeating the word “purple.”

Her father, Leslie, carefully tended to Natalie, following an intricate regimen to keep her healthy. After doctors implanted a tube in Natalie’s chest to give her intravenous medication, he dutifully used fluid-filled syringes to clean it.

Days later, the 29-month-old was back in a Texas hospital, breathless and feverish. Bacteria had infected her blood, the first in a cascade of complications over four months. In the end, Natalie died in her mother’s arms on March 12, 2008″.

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