CDC blog describes the implementation of a Scrub-the-Hub protocol to protect dialysis patients


Intravenous news: CDC blog reports the CDC Dialysis BSI Prevention Collaborative had just devised a new scrub-the-hub protocol and published it on the website in checklist format. We held an in-service with Dialysis Dan (our simulation dummy with a catheter), and staff volunteers demonstrated use of the scrub-the-hub protocol checklist. We went through each step so that everyone knew the proper order for disinfection of the catheter limbs and hubs, and how to prevent contamination of the catheter ends after disinfection. Staff feedback indicated that the checklist was useful as dialysis turnover can feel very rushed, and its not easy to remember all of the steps. Further, we have recently welcomed new staff members to our unit, and the checklist has proven helpful for orienting them on the proper steps for aseptic catheter connection and disconnection. We even keep laminated copies of the protocol checklist on the dialysis station clipboards to which staff can refer.”

Click here to read the blog.

Click here to view the protocol.

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