Article describes origins of EZ-IO intraosseous device


Innovation Excellence report “He said “my father was a toolmaker and I used to watch him work, I still like to tinker, to make things.” I was speaking with an eminent Emergency Room surgeon, Dr Larry Miller who created a life saving technology called the EZ-IO.

He told me the story of how he came to think up that innovation. A friend who had been in a serious car accident died on the way to the ER. It was something he had experienced many times in his career, and he knew the reason. Paramedics could not get an intravenous feed into the veins. In a serious bodily trauma, the veins contract to save what blood is left for the vital organs. One evening tinkering around his garage, he picked up a glue gun and a hand drill. In his head a light bulb went on. There was another way to get blood and vital fluids into a person, through the bone marrow, if he could drill through the bone and supply fluid through a nozzle he could keep a patient alive.”

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