Analysis reveals common hospital-acquired conditions that result in harm


Infection Prevention Today report “Premier, Inc. has identified 86 inpatient complications associated with significant increases in inpatient mortality, costs and length of stay. “Our research provides clinical leaders with an invaluable list of significant complications, and we encourage providers to enhance their focus on these areas. These complications could be driving high rates of mortality, costs and length of stay,” says Richard Bankowitz, MD, Premier’s chief medical officer. “While the safety measures tracked through federal programs should be a focus for hospitals, identifying improvement areas across this set of complications is just as important to deliver more efficient, higher-quality care overall.”

To develop a more robust measure for “potential inpatient complications” (PICs), Premier examined 5.5 million federal FY 2013 patient records across 530 hospitals, and determined that 86 conditions were associated with nearly 50,000 potential deaths, $4.3 billion in costs and 1.7 million added hospital days. These conditions occurred in more than one million cases.”

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