6% of Americans reported symptoms consistent with an anaphylactic reaction


Intravenous news: MedPage Toady report “One in 16, or about 6%, of Americans interviewed in a well-designed telephone survey reported having had symptoms consistent with an anaphylactic reaction at some point, a researcher said here. Among 1,000 randomly dialed individuals who completed the survey, 64 described reactions to something — food, drug, or insect sting — in terms that were very likely to be genuine anaphylaxis, said Robert Wood, MD, of Johns Hopkins University.

Because of the limitations in this type of survey, such as recall bias, “there’s no way you can hang your hat [on the findings]and say, ‘This is the answer,’ but I think this is a really good estimate,” Wood told attendees at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology’s annual meeting.

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