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DiDomenico, C., Clerico, D. and Leahey, A. (2015) Lack of vincristine infiltrates in patients with retinoblastoma receiving chemotherapy by peripheral intravenous lines. Pediatric Blood & Cancer. April 30th. .


The delivery route of chemotherapy for intraocular retinoblastoma has become controversial. One objection to systemic delivery is the need for central venous access. We cross-referenced a hospital vascular access database with our tumor registry to determine the incidence of chemotherapy infiltrates. Sixty-five patients received 270 cycles of chemotherapy via peripheral intravenous access. Vincristine infiltration was 0% (95% confidence interval 0-0.16%) while that of non-vesicant chemotherapy was 0.7% (95%CI 0.1-2.6%). Giving chemotherapy via peripheral access to patients with retinoblastoma is safe. It can decrease therapy costs and prevent central line associated blood stream infections.

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