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We present the findings on F FDG PET/CT in connection with iatrogenic venous air embolism. The patient was referred for a posttreatment evaluation PET/CT for peripheral T-cell lymphoma. On the PET images, an intense FDG-uptake was seen in the injected vein.

Simultaneous non-contrast-enhanced CT showed air bubbles of various sizes within the affected veins. Because no intravenous contrast was administered, we conclude that the source of venous air embolism was either the insertion of the peripheral intravenous cannula and/or the injection of F FDG, via a power injector, 1 hour before the scan.


Dejanović, D., Alslev, L., Abrahamsson, E., Costa, J. and Loft, A. (2015) A Case of Asymptomatic Venous Air Embolism Demonstrated on 18F FDG PET/CT. Clinical Nuclear Medicine. December 15th. .

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