Using position papers to change policy and nursing practice


Intravenous literature: Ober, S. and Craven, G. (2011) Using Position Papers to Change Policy and Nursing Practice: Craven & Ober Policy Strategists, LLC. Journal of Infusion Nursing. 34(5), p.296–297.


Politics, policy, and nursing practice are inextricably linked. Nursing’s scope of practice is defined in state law and further supported by the standards of practice that nursing specialties develop and then disseminate. On a larger scale, the health care delivery system continues to change in an effort to contain costs while pursuing improved quality. Every American and indeed every nurse is affected by these changes. In nursing practice, one can choose to have policies and practice altered by others, or one can choose to shape policies that affect practice. Unfortunately, the nursing profession is not usually educated about its unique ability to shape public policy for the betterment of patient care. This skill set, if learned at all, may be a subject for discussion only in master’s and doctoral programs. Yet, the impact of law and policy affects every nurse and the patients she or he serves.

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