Ultrasound guidance for vascular access


Intravenous literature: Kelly, L.J. (2010) Ultrasound guidance for vascular access. Intravenous Journal. 1(1), p.05-09


The use of real-time ultrasound guidance in vascular access provides the operator with visualisation of the desired vein in addition to surrounding anatomical structures. Early studies of ultrasound location of vessels followed by subsequent catheter placement with landmark techniques found no advantages over the standard landmark techniques (Mansfield, Holn, Fornage et al. 1994). More recent studies however, demonstrate that real-time ultrasound guidance does appear to improve the success rate and decrease the complications associated with vascular access device placement (May et al. 2003; Karakitsos et al. 2006).
This article will provide the reader with a guide to the physics of ultrasound and some techniques that can be utilised to ensure the optimal benefits of this equipment.

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