Retrieval of lost guide wire


Struck, M.F., Kaden, I., Heiser, A. and Steen, M. (2008) Cross-over endovascular retrieval of a lost guide wire from the subclavian vein. The Journal of Vascular Access. 9(4) p.304-306.


Background: The lost guidewire in central venous catheterization is a commonly described complication. The percutaneous endovascular retrieval method is safe and has a very low complication rate.

Objectives: Guidewires extending to the inferior cava vein are usually retrieved via the femoral vein. Under special circumstances, femoral venous access may be impossible and alternative vascular approaches are required.

Case report: We report a case in which we used an alternative vascular approach, from the subclavian site contralateral to the insertion, in a patient with extensive inguinal burn injuries.

Conclusions: Cross-over subclavian retrieval can be an alternative approach for retrieval of a lost guidewire, but it involves an increased risk of puncture-related complications such as pneumothorax.

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