Reducing pain during dressing removal


Intravenous literature: Denyer, J. (2011) Reducing pain during the removal of adhesive and adherent products. British Journal of Nursing. 20(15) – Supplement, p.28-35.


Silicone Medical Adhesive Removers (SMARs) have proved a valuable addition to formularies. In the absence of SMARs, trauma following removal of adhesive dressings, ostomy products, retention tapes and monitoring equipment can lead to skin stripping or extension of existing wounds. Those at increased risk of skin stripping include groups such as older people, premature infants and neonates and those with skin fragility syndromes. Appeel® Sterile Sachet (CliniMed) is a sterile SMAR in liquid form supplied in a single-use sachet. The addition of this sterile product to the existing Appeel range of wipes and aerosols provides an adhesive remover suitable for use on broken skin. Unlike delivery from an aerosol, Appeel Sterile Sachet does not feel cold on application, a sensation which can be confused with pain. This article discusses the value of SMARs and in particular the advantages of using the single-use Appeel Sterile Sachet.

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