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OBJECTIVE: To report the International Nosocomial Infection Control Consortium surveillance data from 40 hospitals (20 cities) in India 2004-2013.

METHODS Surveillance using US National Healthcare Safety Network’s criteria and definitions, and International Nosocomial Infection Control Consortium methodology.

RESULTS We collected data from 236,700 ICU patients for 970,713 bed-days Pooled device-associated healthcare-associated infection rates for adult and pediatric ICUs were 5.1 central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs)/1,000 central line-days, 9.4 cases of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAPs)/1,000 mechanical ventilator-days, and 2.1 catheter-associated urinary tract infections/1,000 urinary catheter-days In neonatal ICUs (NICUs) pooled rates were 36.2 CLABSIs/1,000 central line-days and 1.9 VAPs/1,000 mechanical ventilator-days Extra length of stay in adult and pediatric ICUs was 9.5 for CLABSI, 9.1 for VAP, and 10.0 for catheter-associated urinary tract infections. Extra length of stay in NICUs was 14.7 for CLABSI and 38.7 for VAP Crude extra mortality was 16.3% for CLABSI, 22.7% for VAP, and 6.6% for catheter-associated urinary tract infections in adult and pediatric ICUs, and 1.2% for CLABSI and 8.3% for VAP in NICUs Pooled device use ratios were 0.21 for mechanical ventilator, 0.39 for central line, and 0.53 for urinary catheter in adult and pediatric ICUs; and 0.07 for mechanical ventilator and 0.06 for central line in NICUs.

CONCLUSIONS: Despite a lower device use ratio in our ICUs, our device-associated healthcare-associated infection rates are higher than National Healthcare Safety Network, but lower than International Nosocomial Infection Control Consortium Report.


Mehta, Y., Jaggi, N., Rosenthal, V.D., Kavathekar, M., Sakle, A., Munshi, N., Chakravarthy, M., Todi, S.K., Saini, N., Rodrigues, C., Varma, K., Dubey, R., Kazi, M.M., Udwadia, F.E., Myatra, S.N., Shah, S., Dwivedy, A., Karlekar, A., Singh, S., Sen, N., Limaye-Joshi, K., Ramachandran, B., Sahu, S., Pandya, N., Mathur, P., Sahu, S., Singh, S.P., Bilolikar, A.K., Kumar, S., Mehta, P., Padbidri, V., Gita, N., Patnaik, S.K., Francis, T., Warrier, A.R., Muralidharan, S., Nair, P.K., Subhedar, V.R., Gopinath, R., Azim, A. and Sood, S. (2015) Device-Associated Infection Rates in 20 Cities of India, Data Summary for 2004-2013: Findings of the International Nosocomial Infection Control Consortium. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology. November 26th. .

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