PICC placement project


Intravenous literature: Pittiruti, M., Scoppettuolo, G. and LaGreca, A. (2009) The PICC Project: The Development of a Nationwide Program for the Diffusion of PICC in Italy 2005-2009. Journal of the Association for Vascular Access. 14(4), p.191-198.


GAVeCeLT (Gli Accessi Venosi Centrali a Lungo Ter- mine) is the Italian Group for Long Term Central Ve- nous Accesses, a non-profit nationwide network of experts in the field of venous access devices (VAD), founded in 1998 by a group of Italian surgeons and anesthesiologists (Pittiruti, 2006).

At first, GAVeCeLTs interest was focused on any clinical prob- lem of indication, insertion and management of long term VADs (i.e.: totally implantable venous ports and external tunneled cath- eters) used for chemotherapy, parenteral nutrition, palliative care, dialysis, and other long term intravenous treatments.

In Italy, in the early 90s, long term venous accesses were scarcely utilized in clinical practice and mostly inserted by surgeons or – to a lesser extent – by anesthesiologists. Clinical indications for the use of such VADs were ill-defined; insertion was performed according to variable, self-taught techniques and there were no available guidelines for correct management of the device. Thus, GAVeCeLT was founded with the specific goal of improving and expanding the knowledge in this field, aiming to a better Ê»evidence-basedʼ definition of indications, insertion techniques and maintenance procedures.

From 1998 on, the GAVeCeLT group has rapidly expanded to include in its network a large number of health care pro- fessionals (such as nurses, nephrologists, radiologists, oncolo- gists, nutritionists), and has started an impressive list of activi- ties, covering all scientific and educational aspects of this very special, multi-disciplinary, multi-professional clinical area.


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