Phrenic nerve injury after extravasation of parenteral nutrition


Intravenous literature: Tosello, B., Michel, F., Merrot, T., Chaumoitre, K., Hassid, S., Lagier, P. and Martin, C. (2011) Hemidiaphragmatic paralysis in preterm neonates: a rare complication of peripherally inserted central catheter extravasation.
Journal of Pediatric Surgery. 46(7), p.e17-21.


Unilateral diaphragmatic paralysis was diagnosed in 2 preterm neonates born at 29 and 25 weeks of gestation, respectively. In both instances, the pathophysiology was phrenic nerve injury after extravasation of parenteral nutrition fluid. Misplacement and infection were predisposing factors. Diaphragmatic movement analysis by time-motion-mode ultrasonography was helpful in achieving a diagnosis. The first neonate required a diaphragmatic placation, whereas the other infant was managed nonoperatively. These cases confirm a rare etiology of diaphragmatic paralysis and possible spontaneous recovery. In neonates with very low birth weight, general anesthesia and thoracic surgery may be associated with a high morbidity, suggesting that nonoperative medical treatment, when possible, is preferable if the neonate does not require supplemental oxygen.

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