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Intravenous and vascular access literature news and updates.

Intravenous Literature

IV fluid replacement

Intravenous literature: Med page today report “Excessively restricting fluid replacement during major abdominal surgery may increase the risk of postoperative…

Intravenous Literature

Arm or chest port

Intravenous literature: Akahane, A., Sone, M., Ehara, S., Kato, K., Tanaka, R. and Nakasato, T. (2010) Subclavian Vein Versus Arm Vein for…

Intravenous Literature

Neonatal CLABSI

Intravenous literature: Zingg, W., Posfay-Barbe, K.M., Pfister, R.E., Touveneau, S. and Pittet, D. (2011) Individualized Catheter Surveillance among Neonates: A…

Intravenous Literature

Safety Huber needle

Intravenous literature: Goossens, G.A., Moons, P., Jarome, M. and Stas, M.J. (2010) Prospective clinical evaluation of the Polyperf® Safe, a safety…

Intravenous Literature

Rural IV care

Intravenous literature: Reid, S.R. (2010) Injections that kill: nosocomial bacteraemia and degedege in Tanzania. Rural Remote Health. 10(3), p.1463.

Intravenous Literature

Citrate anticoagulation

Intravenous literature: Wright, S., Steinwandel, U. and Ferrari, P. (2010) Citrate anticoagulation during long-term haemodialysis. Nephrology. Nov 3. [Epub ahead of…

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