Neonatal fluid and nutrition


Intravenous literature: Taylor, S.N., Kiger, J., Finch, C. and Bizal, D. (2010) Fluid, electrolytes, and nutrition: minutes matter. Advances in Neonatal Care. 10(5), p.248-55.


Historically, in very low-birth-weight infant care, nutritional support was delayed during the first postnatal days because of fear of toxicity and harm with immature metabolic systems and intestinal function. Recent evidence demonstrates that early nutritional support is not only safe but likely necessary to optimize infant growth and neurodevelopment. In fact, nutrition management is a critical factor in very low-birth-weight infant golden hour support. Contemporary studies in protein and lipid intravenous support and early feeds as minimal enteral nutrition exhibit safety and some efficacy. We will present analysis of this evidence and development of potential better practices on the basis of these data as well as a review of golden hour fluid and glucose management. In addition, we provide several outcomes following our adoption of potentially better golden hour nutrition practices.


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