Intravenous dressing change


Intravenous literature: Moureau, N. (2010) Assessment and dressing change of central venous catheter sites. Intravenous Journal. 1(1), p.19-23.


Because of the risk of infections associated with central venous catheters, daily care, maintenance and assessment of these catheters requires as much attention to aseptic technique and detail as the actual insertion of the catheter. Adequate training of personnel associated with the maintenance of catheters is necessary in an effort to reduce infection rates. According to CVAD1 of the EPIC-2 Guidelines, healthcare workers caring for a patient with a central venous access device should be trained and assessed as competent in using and consistently adhering to the infection prevention practices. This article reviews the basic concepts and techniques necessary to adequately and aseptically maintain a catheter insertion site.

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