Insulin medication errors


Intravenous literature: report “Analysis of data related to insulin medication errors and a local hospital’s success in reducing hospital readmission costs are highlighted in quarterly journal

Pennsylvania healthcare facilities submitted over 2,600 event reports that involved the use of insulin products to the Patient Safety Authority where more than 52 percent led to situations in which a patient may have or actually received the wrong dose or no dose of insulin. The data raises awareness of a broader issue that is highlighted in the 2010 March Pennsylvania Patient Safety Advisory.

Of the 2,685 event reports submitted to the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority between January 2008 and June 2009, 78 percent (2,113) reached the patient and in 1.8 percent of the reports (49) the patient was harmed. The most common types of medication error associated with insulin were drug omission (24.7%) followed by wrong-drug errors (13.9%).”

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