Infusion research priorities


Intravenous Journal: Zugcic, M., Davis, J.E., Gorski, L.A. and Alexander, M. (2010) Establishing research priorities for the infusion nurses society. Journal of Infusion Nursing. 33(3), p.176–182.


As the leader in the infusion nursing community, the Infusion Nurses Society (INS) recognizes the critical need for research to support the specialty practice. The purpose of this project was to gain input from INS members to establish research priorities for the organization. In partnership with Wayne State University College of Nursing, INS surveyed its members by using the Delphi approach. The qualitative responses received supported a theoretical framework on which to base an agenda. Respondents identified more problem areas in their practice than in research topics needing further exploration. Four themes, all falling under the overarching domain of patient safety, were identified. By identifying research priorities, INS will be able to guide the direction for research, focus the use of limited financial resources toward the most needed research, and use research to develop and support best practices for the infusion nursing specialty.


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