Home IV infection prevention


Intravenous literature: Higginson, R. (2010) Infection control and intravenous therapy in patients in the community. British Journal of Community Nursing. 15(7), p.318, 320, 322, 324.


Recent efforts to reduce infections have been focused within the hospital setting. Early hospital discharge, shorter inpatient stays, day surgery and the movement of patients between acute and long-stay care facilities is likely to make community-acquired infection an increasing problem. There are, or course, universal precautions and general infection control issues to consider when undertaking any clinical procedure, both in hospital and the community, but when administering intravenous therapy (medicines and/or maintenance fluids) specific measures need to be considered. This is especially important if a patient is receiving intravenous therapy at home. There are many reasons why patients may need to receive intravenous therapy in the community and these will all present with specific problems. This paper will discuss some of the infection control procedures one must undertake when administering intravenous therapy to patients in the community.


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