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Intravenous literature: IVTEAM do not regularly publish ‘old’ articles. However, this article has a number of very interesting extravsation pictures and treatment options.

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Sarovath, A. and Kruavit, A. (2006) Extravasation Injury: What is the Appropriate Management of Extravasated Skin Ulcer? The THAI Journal of SURGERY. 27(1), p.19-25.


Background: Extravasation injury can cause a serious problem from significant soft tissue necrosis.  The proper treatment is always being delayed before being referred to surgeons.

Objective: To study the appropriate surgical management of the extravasated skin ulcer.

Patients and Methods: During August 2001 and January 2003, there were seven patients (5 males, 2 females) suffering from extravasation injuries; 5 cases from chemotherapeutic agents (Doxorubicin HCL, Epirubicin) and 2 cases from calcium.  Early radical debridement of necrotic tissues and either immediate or delayed reconstruction were successfully performed using either skin flaps or skin grafts if direct closure is impossible. 

Results: There were one partial flap necrosis and one minimal wound dehiscence. They healed after secondary minor surgery.

Conclusions: Prevention of extravasation injury is the best policy because once this serious injury develops it will be difficult to heal by conservative treatment. Early radical debridement of the necrotic or non-healthy tissues with immediate or delayed skin coverage is recommended.

Click here to view the full pdf of article.

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