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"These findings proposed a novel and feasible DNN approach for screening extravasation from skin images" Munthuli et al (2022).

Extravasation severity prediction


Extravasation occurs secondary to the leakage of medication from blood vessels into the surrounding tissue during intravenous administration resulting in significant soft tissue injury and necrosis. If treatment is delayed, invasive management such as surgical debridement, skin grafting, and even amputation may be required. Thus, it is imperative to develop a smartphone application for predicting extravasation severity from skin image. Two Deep Neural Network (DNN) architectures, U-Net and DenseNet-121, were used to segment skin and lesion, and to classify extravasation severity. Sensitivity and specificity for predicting between asymptomatic and abnormal cases were 77.78 and 90.24%. For each severity in abnormal cases, mild extravasation attained the highest F1-score of 0.8049, followed by severe extravasation of 0.6429, and moderate extravasation of 0.6250. The F1-score of moderate-to-severe extravasation classification can improve by applying the our proposed rule-based for multi-class classification. These findings proposed a novel and feasible DNN approach for screening extravasation from skin images. The implementation of DNN-based applications on mobile devices has a strong potential for clinical application in low-resource countries. Clinical relevance- The application can serve as a valuable tool in monitoring when extravasation occurs during intravaneous administration. It can also help in the scheduling process across worksite to reduce the risks associated with working shifts.


Munthuli A, Intanai J, Tossanuch P, Pooprasert P, Ingpochai P, Boonyasatian S, Kittithammo K, Thammarach P, Boonmak T, Khaengthanyakan S, Yaemsuk A, Vanichvarodom P, Phienphanich P, Pongcharoen P, Sakonlaya D, Sitthiwatthanawong P, Wetchawalit S, Chakkavittumrong P, Thongthawee B, Pathomjaruwat T, Tantibundhit C. Extravasation Screening and Severity Prediction from Skin Lesion Image using Deep Neural Networks. Annu Int Conf IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2022 Jul;2022:1827-1833. doi: 10.1109/EMBC48229.2022.9871115. PMID: 36086628.