Attitudes toward universal precautions


Intravenous literature: Reda, A.A., Vandeweerd, J.M., Syre, T.R. and Egata, G. (2009) HIV/AIDS and exposure of healthcare workers to body fluids in Ethiopia: attitudes toward universal precautions. Journal of Hospital Infection. 71(2), p.163-9.


There are no studies describing the attitude of healthcare workers (HCWs) towards universal precautions (UPs) in Ethiopia, in the context of the human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome pandemic. We investigated HCWs’ knowledge and perceptions concerning UPs and exposure to blood and body fluids in two regions of eastern Ethiopia. All HCWs in 19 health institutions were surveyed using a questionnaire for data collection. Descriptive statistics and multivariate analysis using logistic regression were performed. The HCWs had insufficient knowledge and perception of UPs, along with a one-year prevalence of needlestick injury of 29.1% (95% confidence interval: 24.2-34.0). Policies and more intensive training are required for HCWs in Ethiopia.

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