Article describes patient assessment before choosing a central venous access device


#IVTEAM #Intravenous literature: Gabriel, J. (2013) Long-term central venous access device selection. Nursing Times. 109(39), p.12-5.


Infusion therapy is often viewed as a means to an end – a way to administer medications and fluids. It is one of the few specialties that affect almost all areas of healthcare. Safe, effective and reliable vascular access should be the goal of every health professional who is starting a patient on a prescribed course of intravenous therapy, especially if that patient is undergoing a prolonged course. This article aims to refresh and update nurses’ clinical knowledge of the detailed patient assessment required before choosing a central venous access device, as well as supporting a reduction in complications and earlier recognition of potential problems. It discusses clinical indications for devices, the range of long-term intravenous therapies that can be used, and patient assessment.

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