Whats new in infusion therapy 2011


Intravenous products: Whilst attending INS 2011 in Louisville, IVTEAM have found many exciting innovations. It has been very difficult to develop a shortlist of innovation that IVTEAM readers may find useful. I say difficult but not impossible. What has made it easier is only shortlisting products new to the market.

You will notice that our shortlist draws from many different aspects of infusion therapy. This demonstrates the diversity of issues that require attention within infusion therapy and the breadth of solutions made available. Our list of innovation in infusion therapy was designed to highlight potential areas of positive clinical impact. The products are not presented in any order of preference.

Chlorhexidine IV dressing – Avery Dennison Medical Solutions presented a poster at INS 2011. The poster illustrated a novel technology that combines chlorhexidine with and adhesive. Combined with an intravenous dressing this could make an interesting new technology. IVTEAM will share more information as it becomes available. Click here for the Avery Dennison Medical Solutions website.

IV grip device – MedeGrip was conceptualized and designed by Matthew Ostroff, a registered nurse specializing in PICC lines. MedeGrip is a disposable gripping tool made from cross linked closed cell polyolefin foam.  It is specifically designed to efficiently grip items and instruments used by nurses while its thickness and soft texture provide protection and comfort. MedeGrip assists the nurse with removing Luer Loks from a central line, spin knots from peripheral IVs, and disconnecting IV tubing. It also protects the practitioner while breaking open glass ampules. Click the link to visit the MedeGripâ„¢ website www.medegrip.com

Tip location technology – VasoNova VPS (Vascular Positioning System) takes away the guesswork in central catheter tip placement. Using a combination of Doppler ultrasound and intravascular ECG, VasoNova VPS measures multiple physiological parameters to provide real-time navigation as the catheter advances through the patients vasculature. Simple indicators offer real-time position guidance and make it easy to navigate the patient’s vasculature and to know when the catheter tip has reached its ideal placement location. Click here for the VasoNovaâ„¢ website.

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