Vygon Timestrip top ten listing

Safety IV catheter

Intravenous products: Hot on the heels of its double prize-winning scoop at the UK Packaging Awards, Timestrip has now had a product listed in the NHS Supply Chain top ten. The Vygon Timestrip® has been included in the top ten innovations of 2009, compiled following the launch of The Innovation Scorecard, the NHS new technology adoption process, which aims to bring new healthcare products to market more quickly.

All the products on The Innovation Scorecard list, whatever their individual features, have delivered proven value to the NHS. The Vygon Timestrip® joins such products as a pouch to combat hypothermia in premature babies, a protective sealant which fights surgical site infections and a superbug-killing curtain and blind cleaning system.

With superbugs a major problem for hospitals worldwide and 60% of blood infections caused by IV lines, hospitals must ensure lines are changed regularly. The Vygon Timestrip® was designed to help hospitals comply with guidelines to change Peripheral Intravenous Cannulae (PVCs) every 72 hours. It shows clearly and unmistakeably when cannulae should be replaced and is supplied in a format which allows hospitals to attach it to a dressing or a wristband. Using the Vygon Timestrip® saves nursing time and facilitates improved infection control procedures. Its already in use in a number of NHS hospitals and demand is steadily growing. In October, the Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust became the first UK hospital to fully adopt the Vygon Timestrip® into its protocol for monitoring the dwell-time of PVCs.

Innovation is vital to the NHS, said Emma Tandy, task force manager for NHS Supply Chain. It is key in developing and improving processes for the benefit of staff and patients alike.” She added: Our definition of innovation is a product that is new to the NHS, or an improved product that demonstrates significant benefits for the NHS in terms of value, efficiency or patient care.

Timestrip plc produces a wide range of labels to automatically monitor elapsed time, including products for a variety of conditions, from ambient environments to fridge, freezer and extremely high temperatures. The technology can be integrated into products or packaging, as well as the applied label format and is in use across a diverse range of industries. Timestrip was a double winner at the recent UK Packaging Awards, taking the prizes for Labelling and Innovation of the Year.

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