Vascular access training phantom


Intravenous products: CIRS is pleased to introduce the Model 072 Vascular Access Training Phantom Kit. The Model 072 was designed to provide a realistic training medium for needle insertion.  It is made from a durable elastometric compound mimicking the tactile feel and puncture resistance of soft tissue.  This self-healing material has realistic acoustic properties allowing imaging of the simulated palpable vessels under ultrasound. The phantom includes one bifurcated vessel and 2 straight walled vessels at a variety of depths and diameters to simulate a range of challenges often encountered in the clinical environment. The phantom can be easily replenished without leakage using a syringe (included) and a stopcock enables increased vessel pressure for more realistic simulation.  The kit also includes needles and a supply of simulated blood.  The phantom requires no special handling and will not dry out.

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