Intravenous products: SmallCapNews.co.uk report “Smart label company Timestrip has agreed a partnership deal with hospital supplies business Brenmoor Ltd that will see it introduce a new product to Brenmoor’s range of printable patient wristbands that are used widely within the NHS. This is the second product in the newly launched TimestripMedical range. Timestrip and Brenmoor have developed a detachable clip with fully integrated TimestripIV technology, which will be attached directly onto the clasp of the Brenmoor wristband. The process of attaching the clip to the wristband will also activate the TimestripIV.

TimestripIV has been designed to help hospitals comply with existing policy directives that stipulate the need to change Peripheral Intravenous Cannulae (PVCs) every 72 hours. The company announced the launch of TimestripIV on last week alongside an order from the Whittington Hospital to allow them to undertake an in-use assessment of the product.

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