Timestrip IV adopted by NHS Trust


Intravenous products (entry updated 29th October 2009): Timestrip Plc is delighted to announce that Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust will become the first NHS Trust to fully adopt TimestripIV into its protocol for monitoring the dwell-time of Peripheral Intravenous Cannulae (PVCs). Vygon (UK) Ltd, the Main Distributor in the UK and Ireland for TimestripIV, has secured the contract to supply cannulation packs to Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust. This pack will also be made available through NHS Supply Chain. The unique and patented TimestripIV product will be included as a standard component in every pack.

TimestripIV is an innovative technology that enables clinicians and patients to quickly assess how long a cannula has been in place and thus take appropriate action in line with hospital infection control procedures. Up to 60% of cases of blood infections known as MRSA Bacteraemia are caused by PVCs and the cost of treating MRSA is estimated at GBP 1 billion per annum, according to the National Audit Office. Launched by Vygon (UK) Ltd in July 2009, TimestripIV is currently being used and trialled by more than 25 other NHS hospitals.

Paul Freedman, Joint CEO, Timestrip Plc: “The first full conversion of a NHS Trust is a major milestone for the business and has been achieved by the team at Vygon (UK) Ltd in a relatively short period of time. Thanks to Vygon’s efforts, TimestripIV is gaining excellent exposure within the NHS and we are optimistic that more Trust conversions are achievable in the future. I am also very encouraged by the number of international enquiries for TimestripIV that we have received in recent weeks, including several from North America.


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