The FDA publish a product recall following potential mould contamination at a compounding facility


Intravenous products: The FDA report on a product recall following potential mould contamination “Med Prep Consulting, Inc. notified the public that it is recalling all lots of all products compounded at its facility, due to lack of sterility assurance. The level of recall is to the user: regional hospital pharmacies and related departments, and physician’s office practices. The recall resulted from the pharmacy being notified by a Connecticut hospital that it observed visible particulate contaminants in 50 ml bags of MAGNESIUM SULFATE 2GM IN DEXTROSE 5% IN WATER, 50ML FOR INJECTION intravenous solution, confirmed to be mold. These were unique and distinct lots compounded and dispensed by the pharmacy to the Connecticut hospital. At this time a total of five (5) contaminated bags were discovered. See the Med Prep Press Release for a list of affected products.”

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