The FDA has given 510(k) clearance for Tangent Medicals NovaCath Secure IV Catheter System


Intravenous products: PR Newswire report “Tangent Medical, an innovator in IV therapy products, today announced it has received FDA 510(k) clearance for the NovaCathâ„¢ Secure IV Catheter System, a product designed to set new standards in peripheral IV catheter design, functionality and performance. The company will be demonstrating NovaCath this week at the 2012 Annual Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) Conference (Booth #241) in San Diego.

“Up to 50% of all short-peripheral IV catheters develop complications that negatively impact catheter dwell times, clinical outcomes, patient safety and patient satisfaction,” said Curtis Bloch, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Tangent Medical. “Our innovative, closed IV catheter design uniquely integrates advanced catheter stabilization, next generation tubing management, passive needle encapsulation and blood control on every short-peripheral IV start. Our research with clinicians has validated there is nothing like it in the market. FDA clearance will pave the way for us to advance the safety and efficacy of IV therapy.”

The NovaCathâ„¢ Secure IV Catheter System integrates a series of next-generation technologies designed to address IV therapy challenges including catheter stabilization, healthcare worker safety, tubing management and patient comfort. NovaCath is the only peripheral IV catheter with advanced catheter stabilization designed to exceed the highest CDC, OSHA and INS standards for IV catheter stabilization. Its passive needle shielding technology and closed system design minimizes risk of needlestick injuries and occupational exposure to blood to the lowest feasible extent. Several novel design features uniquely position NovaCath to offer healthcare facilities uncompromising safety and satisfaction – both to the clinician and the patient.”

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